Advantages of cooking with natural gas

Professional chefs use it, bakers rely on it, and burger bars swear by it - but what is it that makes natural gas the energy choice for anyone who enjoys cooking?

Advantages of cooking with natural gas

Responsive heat

The biggest advantage that gas cooktops have over electric ones is their response speed. While electric cooktops take several minutes to reach the desired temperature, gas burners provide an immediate response when ignited; getting the pan to the temperature you’re after instantaneously. Gas burners also cool down quicker than electric burners, which saves time, ensures dishes aren’t spoilt by a slow response, and is super important when cooking more delicate things, like sauces. For some sauces, immediate heat control could mean the difference between the perfect consistency and a runny mess!

Energy efficiency

Gas cooktops provide the benefit of being more energy efficient than electric cooktops. As a gas burner heats and cools much faster than an electric burner, you won’t be paying for energy being consumed as the cooktop heats up and cools down. Whereas with an electric cooktop, you will need to allow the electric coils time to heat up before you can get cooking, and time to cool down after you’re done. This makes gas a great choice in terms of energy efficiency.

Because gas cooktops cool down much quicker, they’re also a lot safer with young children around. The ability to see the flame also makes gas a safer option as its obvious when the heat is on or off.

Even heat distribution

While electric cooking require perfectly flat cooktops and perfectly flat pans be used to achieve an even distribution of heat, gas cooktops allow for much greater versatility in the cookware you can use. Since the flames on a gas burner are central, they heat the pan evenly – meaning no hot or cold spots, so your food is cooked evenly all the way through.

Woks are a great example of a type of cookware that pairs with a gas cooktop nicely. Given a wok’s rounded bottom, they’re designed to be used oven an open flame to heat evenly. As a result, gas is the perfect choice.

Environmental friendliness

The gas exhaust products are cleaner and far more environmentally friendly than the coal burned to generate electricity. The supply process of electricity requires a number of energy conversions and transport of the energy from its source, with each stage wasting some degree of the energy. As a result of this, only around 20% of the energy produced by burning coal actually reaches your home, compared to 100% of natural gas energy.

Unaffected by power cuts

Power out? No problem! If electricity gets cut by bad weather, your gas will still burn! Having the reliability to keep cooking even when the electricity supply is out offers great peace of mind and is a great advantage of natural gas cooking!

Barbeques that are ready to go

Natural gas BBQs are a great way to cook! You won’t find yourself waiting on it to get going, you’ll get that great ‘charred’ look and taste, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas, and the grill allows the cooking surface to get hot enough to render that fat in the meat – which results in that delicious BBQ flavour!

Why just be a cook when you can be a chef with natural gas! Have you tried cooking with both natural gas and electricity? How do you think they compare? Let us know!