5 Bathroom Trends for 2019

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

With a new year just around the corner you may be dreaming of home improvement projects for the summer holiday to breath a new lease of life into your family home.

A family bathroom can often become crowded with unnecessary clutter, from stray items of clothing, bath toys, to hair accessories that turn up in the unlikeliest of places. Redesigning your bathroom - or even giving it a few fresh accents or fixtures is an ideal way to create a more calm vibe, improve functionality for the whole family and reclaim ownership of the space.

We’ve done our research and compiled the top five bathroom design trends set to live on in 2019.

Backlit Mirrors

Getting the lighting right in the bathroom is crucial for functionality, comfort and style. A backlit mirror over the sink throws soft light out into the room. This is not only practical if you’re taking the time to pamper yourself in front of the vanity, but can make the room feel more spacious by giving the illusion of pushing the wall back and making it seem that the mirror is floating. Much more calming than classic fluorescent tube lighting!

Natural Gas Hot Water

When the shower is the only place you have to steal a few minutes to yourself, away from the demands of little people (or other big people for that matter), you want to be sure that the water will stay hot for as long as you need. Gas hot water eliminates the worry (and rush) that all the hot water will be gone after a long string of showers and baths in the evening.

Statement Basins

Statement basins are one of the most modern ways of bringing an intriguing focal point to any bathroom. Above-counter sinks have become increasingly popular recently, these can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths, including round, square, or bowl-shaped. Texture and patterns are ‘In’ when it comes to basins, with a popular choice being marble or patterned terrazzo.

Floating Vanity Units

Floating vanity units create the illusion of more space in the bathroom by allowing light to travel through the open space between the cabinet and the floor. They also offer greater flexibility when it comes to the height at which they are installed, which can be an added bonus if there are taller people in the house. From a cleaning perspective, they’re also preferable, since you’ll never have to worry about inaccessible dust bunnies!

Striking Colours

Adding a pop of colour to the walls can add an extra level of dimension to your bathroom and make the space feel more coordinated and balanced. It can also help to conceal any unwanted marks on the walls. Teal, dusty pink sage green and grey are all set to be popular choices for bathroom colour in the new year.

Home improvement is all about creating a more warm and inviting space for you and your family to spend your time. If you’re looking to take comfort in your house to the next level, let’s connect!