Everything you need to know about natural gas appliances

Posted on Dec 23, 2020

One of the many perks of switching to natural gas is the beautiful range of stylish, efficient appliances to choose from. Add elegance and comfort to your home with the very best appliances for heating and cooling, cooking, hot water and even al fresco appliances.

Kitchen appliances for the budding chef

Step up your cooking game with natural gas cooktops – you’ll love the instant heat-up and optimum temperature control. As well as being incredibly energy (and cost) efficient, gas cooktops are the chef’s choice for creating authentic dishes, fast.

When it comes to gas ovens, you can choose from either freestanding or wall-mounted. The results of a gas oven are second to none - thanks to the combustion of gas releasing moisture into the air of the oven, you’ll enjoy more humid cooking (resulting in crispy crackling and golden-brown baked goods).

Gas cooking isn’t just for the indoors – natural pipelined gas can be connected to your outdoor BBQ or cooker so you never have to worry about running out of gas when you’re entertaining!

Control the temperature with natural gas heating

There are so many options available when it comes to natural gas heating and cooling. Ducted gas heating is great for fast and reliable heat year-round, with the added bonus of zoning control thanks to the ability to shut off vents in rooms not in use during the day.

Alternatively, try hydronic heating – these systems circulate heated water beneath the floor through a series of pipes, making them a quiet, efficient and clean heating solution (also ideal for asthmatics).

The ultimate in stylish heating solutions, gas log fires provide all the ambience of a wood fire, without the smoke, ash or hassle! Whichever option you choose, you’ll benefit from fast heat-up and convenient temperature control – ultimately saving you money on your next energy bill.

Never have a cold shower again

Easily one of the biggest perks of natural gas is a hot shower that never runs out. As well as this, natural gas hot water systems are efficient and environmentally friendly. There’s a natural gas hot water system to suit every household – choose from continuous flow, a natural gas hot water storage system or solar storage gas-boosted.

Continuous flow systems are small wall-mounted units that heat up the water as you use it, meaning you’re saving energy and costs, and consuming less water. Continuous flow systems are very energy efficient and economical to run. Alternatively, a storage system is ideal for larger homes and offer a greater volume of water reliably.

A solar gas-boosted system offers all the environmental benefits of solar hot water, with the reliability of natural gas hot water. When your water isn’t hot enough from the solar energy, the gas booster will kick in – saving you energy and money on your hot water bill.

Make the switch today

Making the switch to natural gas is a smart move, whatever your household needs. With a great range of appliances and set-ups available, your family can enjoy the comfort and ease of instant, clean, efficient natural gas energy solutions.

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