How can I keep my energy costs down over winter?

Posted on Aug 17, 2020

We know Tasmanian winters can be bitterly cold, dark and long – and energy bills for the winter months can be an added challenge. Saving on energy costs will not only help your wallet, but it’s important for the environment as well.

The good news is that keeping costs down doesn’t mean going without comfort. We’ve put together our top tips for reducing your winter energy bill (without freezing!).

Cost-effective climate control

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for around 40% of home energy use? That’s a huge portion of your bill, so cut down your spend by doing the following:

  • Close doors to rooms not in use, and try to only heat the rooms that you’re using
  • If installed, use ceiling fans or ducted vents to circulate hot air
  • Open curtains or blinds during the day to make the most of the sun’s natural heat, and close them before it gets dark to retain warmth
  • Seal off gaps and cracks where cold air leaks in (and warm air leaks out) by installing draught stoppers under doors and weather seals around windows.

If you’re building or renovating, there’s plenty of energy-saving wins to consider – such as double or triple glazed windows, wall insulation, choosing well-fitted curtains and blinds to prevent heat loss, and installing energy-efficient heating appliances.

Hot water habits

There’s nothing quite like a hot bath or shower to warm you up on an icy day. While natural gas allows for endless hot water, being mindful of your usage is good for the environment.

  • Wash your clothes in cold water rather than hot (and avoid the dryer while you’re at it)
  • Newer models of dishwashers are more water and energy-efficient than washing dishes by hand
  • Keep an eye out for dripping taps – ensuring your hot water system and accessories are in good repair will save you bucketloads over the long run!

Make the switch to natural gas

Natural gas is one of the most efficient energy solutions available today. Because natural gas instantly releases its energy, it is very controllable. Natural gas hot water systems only heat the water as it is used and cooking uses only the amount of natural gas needed to make you a great chef. In the case of room heating, there is no warming up of the appliance.

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