First Impressions Matter

Posted on Nov 13, 2020

Phaedra Deckart - CEO

When you start a new job there’s one question you’re always asked: “So what do you make of the place?”

I joined Tas Gas as CEO three weeks ago and I’m going to tell you.

Wherever you work, people are keen to understand how fresh eyes view the day-to-day goings on in their world. If you think about it, what they’re asking boils down to how you perceive the company values, the ones that are written down and the ones you actually see displayed in actions. I’m still very new. Having said that, I already have some strong first impressions I’d like to share.

Our technicians in Network Operations have an important, demanding job. It ensures we can deliver to our customers. This week a grateful customer lets us know how two of them responded when they saw a woman with a flat tyre by the side of the road. They used their flashing lights to stop the traffic and they offered help. They worked together to change the tyre and get her back on the road. It was a gesture that I am sure the woman will remember when she thinks of Tas Gas.

It has stuck with me too.

IMG 0033

Then there is the story of Arun, one of our young engineers who has been apart from his wife for some time as she completes her studies in India (pictured above). I hear she is finally finishing and they can finally be together soon. They’ll be starting the great adventure of a young couple establishing a new home in Hobart. Plane tickets are expensive at the moment and she will have to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks. More expense. When she arrives, they will have all the costs of setting up a house to establish their new life. It’s tough on one income. Recognising this, his workmates have banded together and raised $7,500 for them.

Family pic

Just thinking of the difference that will make to their life as they start out is powerful.

It took a group of people to see there was an issue and care enough to make a good plan, then act on it.

If this is an example of the culture in this business, then I’m feeling I have been very lucky in my decision to join.

Finally, I had my own issue. My Mum, from Adelaide, came to visit me. She missed her flight and ended up in Hobart. Straight away, someone offered to just drive her up.

The Tas Gas values are simple and important: Work Together, Do What’s Right, Give It A Go and always Stay Safe.

What I’ve seen so far is impressive and for me, inspiring.

I want to live up to the values I’m already seeing day to day and more than that, I think I’m going to like it here.