Commercial Pricing

The natural gas commercial tariff (including GST) has been effective since 01/01/2020.

Usage charge:
$41.745 per GJ

Fixed daily charge:
$1.386 per day

For enquiries about large industrial/commercial customers (> 1TJ per annum), please contact Tas Gas Networks directly here or on 1800 770 018

Other Charges

In addition to your gas usage and fixed daily charge, you may incur additional charges when other services are engaged. The prices below are current as of 1 January 2019 and include GST.

Meter Testing Residential (when found accurate)

Initial on-site test: Free
Off-site certified test: $110


Disconnection (residential business hours): $110
Disconnection (residential after hours): $275


Reconnection (residential business hours): $110
Reconnection (residential after hours): $275

Special Meter Read

Special Meter Read (residential business hours): $110
Special Meter Read (residential after hours): $275

Technician Attendance

Technician Attendance Fee: $110

Other Services

Other Services Requested by the Customer or Retailer: POA


Business hours = Means within business hours, which is before 3 pm on a business day.
After hours =
Means after hours, which is after 3 pm, and before 9 pm on a business day, and the customer pays any applicable additional after-hours charge.
Business Day =
A day that is not a Saturday or Sunday; or a public holiday appointed under the Public Holidays Statutory Holidays Act 2000.