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If your address does not appear in the search drop-down list, please call 1800 750 750 for assistance or apply using our account application form. Frequently, it takes some time for the mapping system to be updated with new residential developments and estates, even when our network is present.

Your home appears to front the natural gas pipeline.

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A red line indicates the presence of the network but should be used as a guide only. Actual location of pipework may vary.

Your property does not appear to front the network. If you believe this to be incorrect please call 1800 750 750 for assistance or apply here.

A red line indicates the presence of the network but should be used as a guide only. Actual location of pipework may vary.

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Please note: This is an account application form, for any account enquiries or for assistance please contact us on 1800 750 750.

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A site inspection will be done to identify the meter’s location and a diagram indicating where it will be installed will be placed in your letterbox. Where the gas network is available, the distributor will endeavour to connect you within 20 business days after your application has been accepted or unless otherwise agreed.

Description of any obstructions to service pipes or environmental issues (e.g. retaining walls, underground cables, water pipes, steep banks, chemical contamination, etc). Please note: The distributor may apply additional charges if obstructions are encountered.

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Please note: connections available weekdays only.

Changing Retailer

When transferring to Tas Gas Retail from Aurora Energy, if you elect to connect using the last meter read no connection fee applies. If a new meter read is required, a connection fee will be added to your Tas Gas Retail account.

How would you like to receive your statements? *

The primary applicant’s email address will be used to deliver attached statements. Tas Gas Retail accepts no responsibility for lost, misplaced or unread emails and emails sent to junk mailboxes.

Standard Residential Tariff

Current from 01/01/2019 and inclusive of GST.

3.99 cents per MJ applies to all energy consumption for residential customers. Plus a daily Fixed Charge of 55 cents per day. The daily residential tariff will be charged once the meter is installed onto your property.

Service Charges

Charges may apply for additional services provided by the Distributor. A list of service charges is provided on Tariffs and Charges.

Variation of Tariff and Service Charges

Tas Gas Retail may change the Charter’s Terms and conditions from time to time and review published tariffs annually. We will give you notice of any such change or change to regulation that may affect your account. Such notice may be provided by either electronic or written means.


All tariffs and fixed fees listed on this form include GST.

Terms and Conditions

The purchase of natural gas on this tariff is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Account agreement

As the customer, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions detailed in Tas Gas Retail’s Gas Supply Agreement. I also agree to abide by associated Tasmanian law. I consent to Tas Gas Retail providing my information to Tas Gas Networks, who may contact me directly in relation to the connection process. The applicant(s) and guarantor(s) authorise Tas Gas Retail to disclose information contained herein to a credit reporting agency and to obtain consumer and commercial information permitted by the Privacy Act from a credit reporting agency and to use such information in order to assess this application for credit. Subject to provision of the Privacy Act, the applicant (and other parties named in this application) authorises Tas Gas Retail to seek and obtain information from other credit providers for approving this application or managing this account. I also consent to Tas Gas Retail using my email address for communications relating to my account and from time to time related materials. These authorisations shall remain in force for the duration of the credit contract.

I authorise Tas Gas Networks to carry out the service connection and the necessary works to the property stated in the installation information section of this application form and agree to the Tas Gas Networks Residential Connection – Terms and Conditions and I acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions form part of this application.