Discover Gas

Natural Gas can warm your life in so many different ways, with many different appliance options available to you. We have provided some purchasing tips and some Natural Gas facts just for you!

How safe is natural gas?

FACT: Natural gas is one of the safest fuels you can use. The natural gas industry in Tasmania is highly regulated with many controls and standards in place to ensure your safety. Prior to making gas available, the distributor thoroughly tests all pipelines in your neighbourhood to ensure compliance and safe operation. Unlike LPG, natural gas is composed almost entirely of methane, which is lighter than air. If there is a gas leak, natural gas will disperse through natural ventilation.

For more information see our gas safety page.

Is natural gas good for the environment?

FACT: Natural gas is recognized as one of the most eco-friendly sources of energy available. It is the cleanest burning fuel currently available, and is delivered directly to your home via a pipeline. Because natural gas is so efficient, you end up lowering your overall energy usage, which leaves your home with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Can I use natural gas for more than just cooking and heating?

FACT: You’ll be amazed at how many ways natural gas can bring comfort and warmth to your life. From accurate cooking indoors and out, to efficient indoor and outdoor heating. There is also economical pool and spa heating and instant hot water.

Is natural gas heating as warm as an electric heat pump?

FACT: Electric heat pumps are first and foremost air conditioners. They are designed for climates much warmer than Tasmania’s. Heat pumps take longer to warm a room and in some instances need to run all day in order to cope with Tasmania’s colder temperatures. When it’s cold natural gas performs better than electricity, warming a room within minutes.

Can natural gas heating improve my home’s air quality?

FACT: Absolutely! Natural gas is a more comfortable heating. It provides instant, short, intensive heat without draughts, dust or condensation. It is the perfect source of heating for families with health problems such as asthma. With gas central heating, doors can be kept open, allowing a natural airflow.

Will natural gas heat my whole house?

FACT: With natural gas heating you can have the warmth you want, where you want, when you want it. Natural gas ducted heating is a form of central heating that provides warmth for your entire home through a system of ducting and room outlets. The result is comfortable, controllable warmth in every room. And with a thermostat control, you can heat the rooms to the desired temperature.