Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is a colourless, naturally occurring gas made up of methane and a small percentage of other gases.  It is a very clean burning fuel source found underground. Rather than being supplied by a gas bottle (like LPG) your home is simply and securely connected to a gas network.

Where does Natural Gas come from?

Natural Gas is retrieved from gas fields under the sea or ground and then transported to treatment plants.

Natural Gas is then supplied to Tasmania by the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) via an undersea pipeline across Bass Strait from treatment plants at Longford, Victoria.

At the treatment plants it is processed to remove impurities such as water and carbon dioxide.

A compressor station then increases gas pressure to ensure a steady flow of gas through the high pressure transmission pipeline that transports the natural gas to our distribution network of gas pipes.

The Gas Gate/Off-take Station is a junction between the high-pressure pipeline and Tas Gas Networks’ pipeline.

The distribution network consists of both medium and low-pressure pipelines which transport natural gas to households, commercial and industrial users.

Tas Gas’s contractors then lay new connection pipes from the gas main in the street to the new gas meter on your house. Tas Gas Networks owns the gas pipes on the property up to and including your meter.

Once you have had your appliances installed by a qualified gas fitter and your application with Tas Gas has been processed, you will have instant and constant energy for hot water, heating, cooking and central heating.

How long will it take to connect?

Generally, installations will take approximately four to six weeks from application. This can vary depending on individual circumstances, i.e. no hot water, etc. This should be used as a guide. Tas Gas Retail allows you up to 60 days after your meter has been installed to get your appliances connected without incurring any charges. After this date, we will start to charge you the advertised daily tariff.

When will I receive my first account?

Accounts are issued quarterly, with the first account being within our three-month billing cycle.  Once you have the first account, you will be issued with your next account in three months’ time.

What if I have a dispute with my account?

If you do not agree with your gas account, in the first instance you should contact Tas Gas Retail to discuss your reasons for the dispute. Our aim at Tas Gas Retail is to provide excellent customer service, so you are guaranteed that your query will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner, so we can resolve the dispute as soon as possible. You can contact Tas Gas Retail on 1800 438 427 (calls outside Tasmania (03) 6336 9386) or email us.

What are your late fees and charges?

Late fees will be added to your account if the balance is not paid by the due date. If you are having problems paying your account, you should contact Tas Gas Retail before the account becomes due.

Who decides where the Natural Gas was rolled out and how do I get gas in my street?

The original roll-out of the Natural Gas pipeline was a project completed in conjunction with the State Government. Areas were chosen based on a social project, providing a low-cost energy alternative to customers. Any pipeline extensions that occur currently are based on their commercial viability and on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in connecting to Natural Gas but aren’t on the pipeline, you can register your interest on our Off Network Register. We will then contact you to discuss the extension further.