Gas Safety

Natural gas is composed almost entirely of methane, which is lighter than air so if there is a gas leak, natural gas will disperse through natural ventilation.

Gas safety tips:

  • Use a licensed gas fitter for all of your repairs, servicing and or the removal of appliance work.
  • Do not place clothing or other flammable items directly in front of heaters or other gas appliances.
  • Do not remove safety devices or guards from appliances.
  • Ensure your cooktops and ovens are cleaned regularly and remove waste to prevent fires.
  • Do not use flueless gas appliances in confined areas, always ensure the room within which the appliances are being operated is well ventilated.
  • Inside your home never use appliances designed for the outdoors.

Tas Gas preferred gas fitters are fully trained, qualified professionals and must comply with workplace standards. We choose our preferred gas fitters carefully, and will only trust capable, reliable and hardworking gas fitters.

If you require any further gas safety information, please contact us.