Get the most out of your natural gas

Get the most out of your natural gas

With the unrivalled comfort and convenience that it provides, using natural gas for your home heating, water heating, and cooking comes with it a whole host of lifestyle benefits. Tas Gas Retail is committed to not only helping our customers with anything and everything to do with natural gas, but also providing assistance when it comes to finance and payment arrangements. Tas Gas Retail offers a range of flexible payment options to assist you with your budgeting and help avoid those large seasonal bills - allowing you to enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of natural gas, without the worry of bill shock!

The following two customer case studies provide an insight into how Tas Gas Retail works with customers at risk of disconnection.



Nicole has been enjoying natural gas with Tas Gas since September 2011, but following a relationship breakdown in 2014, she entered disconnection cycles on an ongoing basis between 2014 and 2016.

While Nicole suggested payment arrangements, she wasn’t able to keep them as they weren’t affordable for her financial situation. So, in November 2016, to help Nicole come up with a payment arrangement that worked for her, we took the consumption over a two year period, calculated the fortnightly average consumption, added the daily charges to this amount and then broke down the debt owed on the account over a 12 month period. By conducting this manual review, we were able to offer Nicole a long term arrangement of $80 per fortnight, which was affordable for her.

Thanks to the efforts of the Retail staff, Nicole has now cleared all of the debt on her account and has enough credit banked on her account to completely cover this year’s winter bill.

Nicole has since been able to reduce her fortnightly payments again to just $60. This leaves $20 free to put towards other essentials, as Nicole continues to enjoy virtually unlimited hot water for showers, more responsive cooktops, and comfortable and convenient heating.



Cecil has been a Tas Gas customer since September 2010, and had always paid his bills on time. However, in 2016, Cecil went into a disconnection cycle at the time his wife passed away. Cecil’s wife had looked after all the home finances which were now in disarray.

We arranged with Cecil an affordable payment arrangement of $60 per fortnight, which covered the consumption and daily fees – but not the winter debt. Over the winter months we allowed the debt to rise until it reached almost $500, at which point we were able to refer Cecil to an external organisation to seek financial hardship assistance.

Armed with a letter of support from Tas Gas Retail, Cecil was able to access $500 through the Tasmanian Government’s Energy Hardship Fund, which allowed him to clear his debt.

Cecil called our office in tears the following week, thanking the Retail staff for their compassion and assistance through such a difficult time. Cecil’s account is now totally debt free, and he is continuing to pay his $60 per fortnight to cover ongoing consumption. Cecil’s account is currently in credit, with the credit on the account enough to cover this year’s winter bill!

Tas Gas Retail is here to help our customers get the most out of their natural gas. Our customer service centre is staffed by real people, so when you call you will be speaking with local people who are thoroughly trained to answer your questions. Our phones are manned from 8:30 to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. To contact us, just ring 1800 438 427. For calls outside Tasmania, phone (03) 6336 9386.