How to get your home ready for spring

How to get your home ready for spring

After a long, cold winter, spring has finally sprung! With warmer days right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your home reflecting a change of the seasons. From home décor accessories to spring cleaning, here’s our handy guide to getting your home spring-ready!


Switch to lighter bedding

With cold winter nights behind us, now is a great time to ditch the flannel sheets, heavy doonas and thick blankets, and go for lighter and brighter options instead. Lightweight fabric bedding and crisp white sheets will keep you comfortable, while opting for cool, blended neutral colours will capture the mood of the season. Colours that surround us in nature are very on trend this season, so bright blues, greens, and yellows are all winners!


Clear out your fridge and pantry

As good as that Tzatziki dip looked when you bought it, you’ve forgotten about it for a little too long, and now it’s just taking up precious fridge space. Spring is the perfect time to take a look through your fridge and pantry and get rid of all those items that have expired and are just taking up room; we’re all guilt of holding onto things a little too long! Once you’ve got all the expired items out of the way, make use of all that extra space by reorganising everything that’s left by grouping similar items together. In just a couple of hours work, you can make your late-night snacking experience so much easier!


Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

It’s always smart to change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries at least once a year, and the start of spring is as good a time as any to take care of it! Test all your smoke and CO alarms are working perfectly and, if they’re not, replace their batteries with fresh ones. This will only take a few minutes, cost only a few dollars, and could save your family’s life. Definitely a wise investment of your time!


Fix anything that needs fixing

While things break year round, often in winter we can be too lazy or the weather too bad to get onto fixing them! As spring rolls around, why not jot down a list of things that need a little bit of TLC around the house and get started on ticking them all off. Maybe it’s fixing a leaky pipe, loosening up a stuck window, stopping a squeaky door hinge, or giving your gas heater a good dust and clean. The sooner you get all these tasks out of the way, the more time you’ll have to sit back and enjoy the sunshine!


Switch around your home decor items

You don’t have to totally change your décor items as the seasons change. Often, a simple splash of colour, new piece of art, indoor plant, or bouquet of flowers is enough to give your home a fresh look and really capture the essence of spring! So get creative with your colourful decorative items, wall art, and other home accessories to really liven up your living space!


Give your outdoor area a makeover

With the weather heating up, you’ll no doubt be spending a lot more time soaking in the sun in an outdoor living space. With spring rolling around, now’s the ideal time to craft the perfect area for you, and your guests, to enjoy. Make sure you’re sorted for comfortable seating, ample shade, helpful lighting, and colourful decorations and accessories to brighten up the area and give it a hint of character. Also, if you’re into entertaining, make sure the natural gas BBQ is nearby for the complete spring outdoor living experience!


Rearrange your furniture

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and the ultimate no-cost home décor change is to rearrange the furniture floor plan. Moving your furniture around the room to a different location is a quick and easy way to update your home for the new season and create a fresh feel. If your favourite chair spent the winter by the heater, why not try moving it next to the window to capture the spring sun rays. Or try rotating the dinner table to enjoy a different view.


Clean (like you mean it)

Maybe you dread spring cleaning, or perhaps you look forward to it every year. Either way, now’s the time to give your home the really deep clean that it deserves! As cleaning an entire house might be intimidating, it’s best to think about completing one room at a time. The kitchen is a good place to start, so make sure you’re giving your gas stove burners a good scrub with vinegar and dish soap!

Not only will your reward at the end of the job be a lovely tidy home to enjoy all season, you’ll also be working to clear your home of allergens that can wreak havoc as we get further into spring! You’ll also be happy to hear that spring cleaning has been linked to increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved mental focus!


So this weekend, why not clear your schedule and get to work on adding a touch of spring to your home. When you’re soaking up the sun and relaxing in your spring-ready home for the rest of the season, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself!