Top 6 reasons to love natural gas hot water

Top 6 reasons to love natural gas hot water

From lifestyle benefits like the constant flow of hot water, to practical advantages like the increased safety, there are plenty of great reasons to love natural gas heated water! Here are just a few of them.

Continuous Hot Water

With the winter chill in full force, a relaxing, warm shower is often the perfect escape! But that experience can be quickly cut-short and ruined by the shock of freezing cold as you realise you’ve run out of hot water! With the continuous hot water that natural gas hot water units provide, cold showers are a distant memory, as you’ll have all the hot water you need – any time of day or night.

Space Saving

The technologically advanced systems used to heat your water provide significant savings in both space and running costs through their innovative operation and design. The big difference is that there is no need for a storage tank with these systems. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water is sent into the water heater. A sensor then activates the gas burner, warming the heat exchanger. The cold water then surrounds the heat exchanger and leaves the heating unit at the set temperature. As a result of this process, you’ll save valuable wall space that could be much better spent on something else.

No Water Storage

Since there’s no storage component to natural gas hot water, you’ll save money by only heating water as you need it! The big problem with tanks is that when you’re using energy to heat all the water in storage, you’re needlessly spending money on an endless cycle of heating and cooling water before you get around to using it. In addition, compared to electricity, gas burns much faster and hotter, so your water heats up quickly – using less energy.   


Every year, hot tap water causes serious scalds to many people in Australia. More than 90% of those scalds occur in the bathroom, when the temperature of the water from the hot tap is set too high. Safety is a big factor that makes natural gas a great choice, with the risk of burns and scalds greatly minimised using natural gas hot water, as water is only heated to the temperature required for use. This is a great benefit for children and the elderly, who are particularly susceptible to hot water burns. We recommend not exceeding 50 degree Celsius for your shower temperature, as major burns can occur in just 5 minutes at this heat.

Easy To Use and Comfortable

Since water is heated to the exact temperature you need it, you won’t have to worry about finding that perfect balance of hot and cold water - the water’s perfect right from the start! You and your family are able to enjoy a far more relaxing shower knowing there’s no need to mix hot and cold water, and you’ll keep enjoying it knowing there won’t be any fluctuations in temperature. This means that even if someone turns on the dishwasher, or flushes the toilet, there’ll be no change in temperature – making for a nice, comfortable shower experience.

Environmentally Friendly

The gas that is used to produce hot water doesn’t produce emissions, so, with natural gas, you can be sure that you’re being kind to the environment. As well as this great benefit, hot water produced by tank-free gas water is clean. Unlike a storage water heater, a tankless heater warms water as it passes through, not giving the water a chance to sit and risk having minerals deposited in it.

With an array of lifestyle and practicality benefits, natural gas is a great choice for your home’s water heating! If you use natural gas, we want to know why you love natural gas heated water. Let us know!