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Tas Gas, a leading natural gas retailer, aims to provide the feeling of warmth and comfort in everyone's homes in Devonport. We understand how valuable your time spent at home is. We deliver the most eco-friendly sources of energy to make your home a happy and comfortable place to live in. You can use our Pipeline Locator to find out if your home or business is near our infrastructure.

You can also call our friendly staff on 1800 750 750 for assistance or contact us here.

Natural gas is known to be an efficient, clean, and safe source of energy. In fact, many homes in Devonport are enjoying the benefits. This multipurpose source promises a vast range of uses — from powering your household appliances to keeping your homes warm during the cold winter nights.

If you are moving to Tasmania, or simply looking for a change, Tas Gas makes the switch to natural gas easy, so you don't need to leave the comforts of home behind.

Tas Gas Retail has a list of preferred suppliers in your area to fulfil your natural gas needs.

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