Commercial Standard Retail Offer

Standard Natural gas commercial tariff (including GST)
Effective 01/01/2020

Usage charge:

3.04 cents per MJ

Fixed daily charge:

$1.01 per day

Commercial Standard Retail Contract Fees & Charges

In addition to your gas usage and fixed daily charge, you may incur additional charges when other services are engaged. The prices below are current as of 1 January 2019 and include GST.

Meter Testing (when found accurate)

Initial on-site test: Free
Off-site certified test: $330


Disconnection (business hours): $110
Disconnection (after hours): $275


Reconnection (business hours): $110
Reconnection (after hours): $275

Special Meter Read

Special Meter Read (business hours): $110
Special Meter Read (after hours): $275

Technician Attendance

Technician Attendance Fee: $110

Other Services

Other Services Requested by the Customer or Retailer: POA


Business hours = Means within business hours, which is before 3 pm on a business day.
After hours =
Means after hours, which is after 3 pm, and before 9 pm on a business day, and the customer pays any applicable additional after hours charge.
Business Day =
A day that is not a Saturday or Sunday; or a public holiday appointed under the Public Holidays Act 1993 (Vic).