Connection Process

Now that you have researched your appliances and chosen your gas fitter, it's time to apply for a connection.


Using the pipeline locator, check your property is on the natural gas network.


Complete the application form and submit it online or post it to Tas Gas Retail.


We will confirm receipt of your application and the distributor will arrange a site inspection. At the inspection a meter location diagram will be left in your letterbox or if you are present at the inspection,they will discuss the location with you. We recommend you attend the site inspection so you can discuss with the distributor's representative all aspects of the installation .


A representative from the distributor will arrange a service installation. Tas Gas Retail will in writing to you the date by which the service will be completed.


The construction team will install the gas meter. Once the meter has been installed, a licensed gas fitter can now install and connect your appliances. A minimum of 48 hours prior to installation, the gas fitter should advise Tas Gas Retail so that unlocking the meter can be scheduled to occur when the appliance installation is completed.