$5000 Commercial Installation Incentive

$5000 incentive for a flame effect fire

Tas Gas Retail is looking to partner with up to 10 businesses in Tasmania that can assist us in promoting the ambience and warmth of a natural gas flame effect fire to the general public in key natural gas locations.

They are offering Tas Gas Retail customers the opportunity to receive up to $5,000 towards the purchase and installation of a flame effect fire. Increase your bottom line by enhancing your customer experience when your clientele are able to enjoy the instant warmth and ambience of a beautiful flame effect fire on your premises. If you have a wood fire, you will immediately reduce dust, cleaning costs and storage space associated with storing and burning wood.

In order to receive the incentive, you will go through an approval process where we need you to fill in a copy of the form, fill it in and send the information to:

Tas Gas
PO Box 858
Launceston, Tas 7250


Once we have recieved your application, we will confirm with you if your application has been approved. After approval is recieved, you will need to organise a quote to get your appliances installed.

After you have your appliances installed, you can apply to receive your incentive. You can download a copy of the incentive form and send the information to the above address or email address.

Terms and conditions apply, click here for more information.

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