We Rely On Gas

In Tasmania, we rely on gas.

Not just for heating our homes and water or cooking the dinner, but for industry and jobs across the state.

We supply businesses that support more than 4,200 direct jobs and 8,550 jobs in total across Tasmania.

While it’s widely known that major Tasmanian industries such as manufacturing, dairy and resources rely on gas for their operations, many more small-to-medium sized businesses do so as well.

Across Tasmania, 14,000 residential connections, 1,000 small to medium businesses and close to 70 industrial customers rely on gas to provide heat for their homes and businesses.

Natural gas provides the cheapest and most-efficient source of heat to Tasmanian industry and business when compared with diesel, fuel oil, LPG or coal with low emissions, making it a vital part of the state’s energy mix.

Tas Gas recently worked with the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline on a series of videos showing how we supply and how Tasmanians.

They can be viewed below.