Our customers rely on gas

Our customers rely on gas; not just for heating homes, continuous hot water or to cook dinner, but for industry and jobs across the state.

You'd be surprised where natural gas is being utilised around Tasmania - from the Du Cane Brewery in the north, to The Tasman Hotel in the south and many places in-between. Tas Gas connections are empowering businesses, supporting innovation and enhancing experiences for Tasmanians, every day.

Tas Gas supply businesses that support more than 4,200 direct jobs and 8,550 jobs in total across Tasmania.

We value connecting our customers to their customers
Our "Connections" social media campaign throws a spotlight on where natural gas is really making a difference to all sorts of business endeavors around our state.

We've enjoyed discovering the many great stories of how a natural gas connection has helped Tasmanians grow their businesses and connect with their customers and community. So much so, we've created a mini-series of videos celebrating their passions and successes.

Our "Connections" video mini-series

In 2021, Tas Gas worked with the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline on a series of videos showing how we supply gas to Tasmanians across the state.

Our "We rely on gas" video mini-series