How to increase the value of your property

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

Are you ready to launch full swing into your summer home improvement plans? You’ve got your Pinterest boards in order and your budget set. But before setting off, we suggest having your goals front of mind so you don’t get carried away buying a luxury outdoor setting when you only intended to buy paint.

1. Painting

A fresh lick of paint can work wonders! With the right choice of colour scheme, you can easily give your property a facelift, taking it from tired and outdated to fresh and modern. Blush pink, cream and dove grey are on trend for interior paint jobs. For the exterior, off-white shades are popular, especially those with a light grey or sage green undertone. Accents like windowsills and doorframes can be painted a lighter shade to bring a more vintage feel, while darker accents can lend themselves to a moodier, modern vibe.

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2. Review your energy source(s)

Review the energy options available to you based on your location. Depending on your lifestyle and family situation, natural gas could be the right fit for you. If you consider yourself a bit of a home chef, you like to be able to have a shower without waiting for the water to reheat or maybe a flame effect fire would be just the right feature in your living space, whatever the reason, gas can add series value and appeal to potential buyers.

Connecting to the pipeline is ideal for those who want options for future investment. By connecting, you’re opening a world of possibilities for the addition of new cooking appliances, adding gas hot water, underfloor heating, pools or spas, and outdoor cooking areas—all of which will contribute that little bit extra to the value of your home.

3. Improve the garden

Having a large backyard is part of the Australian Dream, however in some properties, especially those in heavily urbanised areas, space can be limited. That doesn’t mean you must settle for a second-rate space. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and well organised outdoor space can be an extremely effective way of increasing your property’s appeal to buyers and consequently its value.

If you haven’t got much of a green thumb, it can be as easy as adding some low maintenance shrubs and even exchange grass altogether for Astroturf to give the garden a well-groomed finish.

If plants aren’t for you, another valuable investment in your property can be adding a patio, pergola or indoor-outdoor dining area with a built-in Natural Gas barbeque. It’s elements such as this, which can truly give your home a point of difference when it comes to selling.

4. Update the accents

If you’re renovating on a budget, but still want to add value to your home, the key can be in the finer details. Updating accents in the most used rooms, like the light fittings in the kitchen, or adding a new vanity in the bathroom can elevate the aesthetic appeal of a property.

Before beginning the renovation of your dreams, get in touch and talk to us about connecting to the gas pipeline and all the benefits it can bring your home.