Customer Payment Support

Financial challenges can arise from a sudden change in income, illness or other personal matters. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Tas Gas Retail’s customer payment support program provides support that goes beyond traditional payment plans. This support is confidential, free, and is designed to help you get back on track with your energy bills, repay your overdue bills and lower your ongoing usage costs.

We understand that financial challenges or difficulties can strike anyone. For example, you may have experienced:

  • a loss of or change in income
  • a serious illness, disability or death in the family
  • a separation, divorce or family crisis
  • domestic violence
  • other personal matters contributing to these difficulties

In these and similar situations, our payment support program may be able to help. Please contact us on 1800 750 750 to discuss with one of our friendly and understanding consultants.

If for any reason you are experiencing difficulty paying your bill, please contact our friendly customer service centre to discuss payment plans and debt reduction arrangements. Tas Gas Retail will respect your privacy and is here to help. Please call 1800 750 750.

Payment Options

Set and Forget Direct Debit

Set up a fixed regular payment to be deducted from your account weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or you may decide to have your full bill payment automatically deducted from your nominated account when it is due. You can complete an online Direct Debit application form.

Bill Smoothing (for multiple bills)

Tas Gas Retail can also offer you a long term payment plan that allows you to pay the same amount off your account weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The amount you pay can be based on an estimate of your usage to ensure your account is manageable and within your budget. This amount is reviewed by us at least annually to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Centrepay Deductions

Centrepay – the easy way to pay your bills and expenses Centrepay is a voluntary bill-paying service that is free for Centrelink customers. Use Centrepay to arrange regular Deductions from your Centrelink payment. You can start or change a Deduction at any time. The quickest way to do it is through your Centrelink account online.

You can use Centrepay to pay bills and ongoing expenses like rent, gas, electricity, water and phone, as well as other household costs.

Please visit Centrepay for more information.

Short Term Payment Plan (for single bills)

If you find that you cannot pay your bill in full when you receive it, contact Tas Gas Retail to organise a payment plan to pay off the remaining amount. You can put it into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments until the amount is paid, up until the date of your next scheduled meter read.

Bill Payment Extension

A 10-day extension from the bill due date is available when you need more time to pay. You can request an extension using our payment extension form or by calling 1800 750 750.

Our friendly Customer Service staff are available from 8.30 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday to assist you, please contact 1800 750 750 to discuss your options.