Your guide to gas ducted heating

Your guide to gas ducted heating

With natural gas heating, you’ll love that it is virtually on from the moment you walk in the door - performing better than electricity by warming a room within minutes. Just as importantly, natural gas provides a more comfortable heat. Producing instant, intensive heat without draughts, dust or condensation, gas is the perfect source of heating for families with health problems. Ducted gas heating is no exception, providing an efficient, comfortable, and convenient way to heat your entire home.

But what is ducted heating exactly? Ducted heating is a form of central heating that provides warmth for your entire home through a system of sub-floor or ceiling cavity ducting and room outlets. The result is comfortable and controllable warmth in every room.

More specifically, ducted heating comprises a gas powered heating unit connected to a series of ducts that lead to outlets around the house. The system works by drawing air from inside your home through the heater, warming it, and then a using a fan to push the warmed air back through the ducts and outlets in the form of a steady, gentle supply of warm air. Once your home reaches your desired temperature, the unit switches off. The fan then slowly comes to a stop, making sure that all the remaining heat in the unit is getting used rather than going to waste.

The heating ducts are routed from the heating unit to outlets strategically placed throughout your home, in either the floor or the ceiling, while a wall mounted controller allows you to set the temperature.

There are a range of benefits a ducted heating system will provide you and your family. Here are just 6 of them:

Providing Heating for Your Entire Home

Ducted gas heating systems are designed to heat every room in your house. This means you’ve got an efficient and discreet way to heat multiple rooms, without the hassle of operating multiple portable or wall-fixed heaters at the same time.

High Efficiency, No Matter The Weather

While reverse cycle systems are prone to losing efficiency when it gets cold outside, ducted gas heating systems aren’t affected by the weather. This saves energy, reduces bills, all while keeping you snug and warm.

The Ability to Heat in Zones

When setting a temperature, you have the ability to divide your home into zones that are all heated differently. This means that you can heat different rooms at different times to suit your needs, only heating the living room when it’s the only room being used, for example. This is a great way to save energy!

Comfortable Heat

The heat produced by gas heating systems is a very comfortable heat. It is moister than other heat, resulting in a comfier environment which is far better suited to people suffering from allergies or asthma. While heating systems powered by wood and reverse cycle systems produce dry air, which can irritate eyes, throats and skin, this isn’t an issue with natural gas heating.

Instant Heat

As with all natural gas heating options, ducted gas systems heat up as soon as they are switched on. In no time flat, the ignitor lights the burners, the gas ramps up to maximum, the heat exchanger is heated, the circulation fan starts moving, and warm air begins flowing into your home. It’s quick, it’s quiet, and it’s warm.

Easy on the Environment

Natural gas produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other forms of heating. In an assessment conducted by the Australian Gas Association, it was found that gas ducted central heating produced only one-third of the emissions that coal-generated electricity-powered heating did.

As natural gas ducted heating is an investment that will provide luxury and comfort in the short term, while adding value to your home in the long term, it is definitely a heating option you should consider for your home!