Natural Gas Appliances

Can I connect my LPG appliances to natural gas?

Yes, but the LPG appliance must be refitted because natural gas operates at a different gas pressure. Many appliance makers provide conversion kits for this purpose however, older appliances may not be as efficient as today's advanced models making conversion less beneficial.

What natural gas kitchen appliances are available?

There are natural gas appliances suitable for:

  • Cooktops
  • Free standing ovens
  • Wall cavity mounted ovens
  • Convection and fan forced ovens

Fees & Charges

How much does it cost to connect to natural gas?

Installation of the meter (connecting to the pipe in the street) is $300 for Standard Connections. Non-standard connections may be subject to additional costs and these will be advised before works commence.

What other charges apply?

Other services and charges may apply. A complete list can be found on our tariffs and charges page.

What is the tariff?

Our natural gas tariff consists of a gas usage charge and a fixed service fee. Our rates can be found on our tariffs and charges page.

Can I get an extension to pay the $2750 penalty?

Yes, an extension may be granted. If required please call Customer Service on 1800 750 750.

Meter Installation

How long will it take to connect?

Generally, installations will take approximately four to six weeks from application. This can vary depending on individual circumstances, i.e. no hot water, etc. This should be used as a guide. Tas Gas Retail allows you up to 60 days after your meter has been installed to get your appliances connected without incurring any charges. After this date, we will start to charge you the advertised daily tariff.

What is a standard installation?

Generally, a standard installation is deemed to be where the meter is located less than 22 meters from the property line and free of any obstructions such as large trees walls and paths.

Will my lawn and garden be dug up?

No, in most cases the pipe will be inserted below ground level using a technique called directional drilling. However, in some cases a trench may be required.

Can I decide where the meter will be located?

Yes, to the extent that the location meets the definition of a standard connection, industry standards and regulations.

Can I be present for the site inspection?


If disturbed will my property be reinstated?

Tas Gas Networks (TGN) may need to install a small trench on your land for the installation of your service. TGN will take all reasonable care to minimise any inconvenience and disturbance to your property and will reinstate the land as reasonably practicable to pre-existing conditions. TGN will lay the gas service to the nominated meter position on your land in the most direct and expedient manner possible,but having regard to safety and other requirements. TGN will complete temporary restorations to paved areas, driveways and footpaths, however it is the customers’ responsibility and cost to complete any permanent concrete, stone, tiled or paved etc. restorations.


How do I turn my gas supply on and off?

In an emergency (either you smell gas in your home or you are instructed by your retailer or the network provider) follow the instructions below to turn off your appliances and gas meter:

  1. Turn off all your gas appliances including any pilot lights.
  2. Locate the gas meter.

  3. To turn your gas meter OFF, turn the lever to the lower position as in illustration 2 below:
  4. Turning your gas back on – important safety information

If you are asked to turn your meter off due to an emergency event, please wait for instructions on when and how to turn your meter back on.

During an emergency, TGN may arrange for a technician to visit properties to ensure they are turned off (if safe to do so). If your property is visited by a technician they may knock on your door to provide you with information. If you are not home they will leave a card in your letterbox advising that your meter has been turned off and contact information. After an emergency event, for safety reasons, TGN may arrange for technicians to restore supply to individual households when safe to do so.

Please ensure that your contact numbers, particularly your mobile phone and email addresses are kept up to date with your Retailer as we may both text and email you during an emergency to provide you with information and updates.

If you have turned off your valve by your gas meter for personal reasons (for example you turned it off prior to embarking on an extended holiday) you should firstly ensure all appliances have been turned off before turning your meter back on.

If upon turning your meter back on your appliances do not work, or if you have a smell of gas, immediately turn off your gas meter and call your gas fitter who will safely relight and test your appliances. For your own and other’s safety, please do not attempt to relight appliances yourself.

Gas Locations

Do you have gas in my area?

The quickest way to check if you can connect to natural gas is by visiting our pipeline locator to see if your house is located on the natural gas pipeline.
See if your street is connected to gas.

Alternatively, you can call the Dial Before You Dig service on 1100 during business hours (free from a landline, charges apply to mobiles).

Are you extending the pipeline?

Network extensions are not managed by Tas Gas retail, and while there are no current plans to extend the pipeline, you can register your interest for an extension of the pipeline via the Tas Gas Networks website.