Natural gas appliances

Can I connect my LPG appliances to natural gas?

Yes, but the LPG appliance must be refitted because natural gas operates at a different gas pressure and many appliance makers provide conversion kits for this purpose. However, older appliances may not be as efficient as today's advanced models making conversion less beneficial.

What natural gas kitchen appliances are available?

There are natural gas appliances for:

  • Cooktops
  • Free standing ovens
  • Wall cavity mounted ovens
  • Convection and fan forced ovens
Fees & Charges

How much does it cost to connect?

Installation of the meter (connecting to the pipe in the street) is free for Standard Connections. Non-standard connections may be subject to additional costs and these will be advised before works commence.

What other charges could apply?

Other services and charges can be found at https://tasgas.com.au/...

When does the $500 Cash-back offer end?

The offer is valid until determined otherwise by Enwave Victorian Network.

Meter Installation

How long will it take to connect?

Generally, installations will take approximately four to six weeks from application but this can vary depending on individual circumstances and should be used as a guide only. Tas Gas Retail allows you up to 60 days after your meter has been installed to get your appliances connected without incurring any charges. After this date, we will start to charge you the advertised daily tariff.

What is a Standard installation?

Generally, a standard installation is deemed to be where the meter is located less than 22 meters from the property line and free of any obstructions such as large trees walls and paths.

Will my lawn and garden be dug up?

No, in most cases the pipe will be inserted below ground level using a technique called directional drilling. However, in some cases a trench my be required.

Can I decide where the meter will be located?

Yes, to the extent that the location meets the definition of a standard connection, industry standards and regulations.

If disturbed will my property be reinstated?

Tas Gas Networks (TGN) may need to install a small trench on your land for the installation of your service. TGN will take all reasonable care to minimise any inconvenience and disturbance to your property and will reinstate the land as reasonably practicable to pre-existing conditions. TGN will lay the gas service to the nominated meter position on your land in the most direct and expedient manner possible, but having regard to safety and other requirements. TGN will complete temporary restorations to paved areas, driveways and footpaths, however it is the customers’ responsibility and cost to complete any permanent concrete, stone, tiled or paved etc. restorations.