Tas Gas Retail Statement on Current Gas Market

Despite the tight market conditions for gas on the East Coast of Australia Tas Gas Retail has confirmed that there is no immediate impact on its customers.

Tas Gas Retail has been operating in Tasmania since 2003 and has long-term gas supply contracts in place which allow it to provide gas reliably and safely to its many residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Tas Gas Retail customers are not impacted by fluctuations in the “spot price” of gas as supply contracts have been secured at a set rate. As a result, Tas Gas customers will not face any immediate price change.

Despite the volatility of the evolving macro-environmental and economic impacts being faced by the energy industry globally, Tas Gas is 100% dedicated to providing superior customer service and will continue to inform of any external changes that may influence how Tas Gas Retail provides gas to its valued customers. Tas Gas is working closely with the government at a State and Federal level, as well as gas and energy industry bodies, to find ways to provide a sustainable and reliable energy future for all Tasmanians.