Why choose natural gas

Coming home doesn’t always mean opening the front door. It can be a feeling we get when we’re truly connected. A feeling of ‘one-ness’ with a certain place, a person, a time. A sense that all is right in our world. At Tas Gas we understand how important that feeling is. A happy heart and sense of wellbeing are the things that really matter at the end of the day. We aim to bring warmth, comfort and happiness into homes wherever we can. Connection to natural gas brings an abundance of benefits, all focused around making your home more comfortable and your life more enjoyable.

Some good reasons you should consider natural gas

It's instant

Natural gas instantly releases its energy making it the perfect energysource for continuous hot water, accurate cooking and fast room heating. Combined with the advanced technology of today's natural gas appliances, at the touch of a finger you can control its energy.

It's clean

Natural gas is recognised as one of the most eco-friendly sources ofenergy available. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel currentlyavailable, and is delivered directly to your home via a pipeline. Natural gas emits 50 percent less carbon dioxide than coal when you burn it.

It's safe

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels you can use. The Natural gasindustry is highly regulated with many controls and standards in placeto ensure your safety. Prior to making gas available, the distributor thoroughly tests all pipelines in your neighborhood to ensure compliance and safe operation.

It's efficient

Because natural gas instantly releases its energy, it is verycontrollable. Natural gas hot water systems only heat the water as it is used and cooking uses only the amount of natural gas needed to make you a great chef. In the case of room heating, there is no warming up of the appliance.

It's versatile

Natural gas is an efficient multipurpose fuel, meaning that you can useit for a variety of household appliances, including hot water, indoor and outdoor heating, cooking and even for your spa or pool.

It's convenient

No more getting the wood fire ready for those cold winter nights and nomore smoke, ash or dust. Getting comfortable heat from your natural gas appliance is as simple as pressing a button.

It's valuable

When your property is connected to the natural gas network its value is enhanced because home buyers recognise the benefits natural gas offers. Natural gas enhances the appeal and value of your property, so potential buyers will be choosing your house first.

It's stylish

Natural gas flame effect fire heaters and gas log heaters let you enjoy the comfort and ambiance of an open fireplace but without the smoke and safety risks. A natural gas flame effect fire can add elegance and style to your home.